Swimming training is designed to help children gain confidence, so they can always enjoy the water.

The trainings are aimed at developing the child's motor skills, fitness and mental strength. The child will playfully acquire movements in simple conditions without external influence.

Over time, I will also include difficult conditions in the training, during which the child will have to demonstrate the ability to use the techniques already learned.

Example: Mastering the crawl legs against strong stream of water or waves.


The key elements of the training are focused on acquiring

  • breathing techniques on the surface, below the surface

  • orientation in the aquatic environment

  • movement with the board, without the board

  • movement and breathing below the water surface

  • movement of legs - crawl, backstroke and breastroke

  • movement of arms - crawl, backstroke and breastroke 

  • swimming technique crawl, backstroke and breastroke


A significant part of swimming training is the training of STRESS SITUATIONS, which are commonly found in the aquatic environment!

The most important moment is the knowledge and ability of the child to cope with suffocation after inhalation of water at the moment when the child is at different depths with the board, without board, or without help.


Practical examples that a child will be exposed to in my swimming training and will learn how to manage it without the need for a second person: Loss of the board, reaching the distant target without the board with the need to breathe, changing the position of the body, knowing how to behave and swim in countercurrent, how to deal with waves.

Place of training

Mokrohájska Bratislava

Petržalka Bratislava

Alternatively, change of location possible.

Entry to the pool is paid by the client.

Trainning can be conducted in English or German

Price list

1 individual training:       30 EUR - 60 min lesson

                                     20 EUR - 30 min lesson

10 individual trainings:   270 EUR - 60 min lesson

                                    180 EUR - 30 min lesson

Storno Conditions

Cancellation no later than 24 HOURS BEFORE.

In case of canceling a training less than 1 DAY, the training is charged in full.


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